i want to be good

волк looks like “bonk” which is cute but actually it means “wolf”


man oh man i think you were following me for at least a year before i really checked out your blog and followed back? following you back was probably one of my best decisions, youre very kind and caring and a cool friend to have!!


youre way talented and a total sweetie and i think youre gonna go far! your characters and pretty much all your posts are so cute its great

the art you made me is still amazing i love it


ur so kind+cute and ur blog aesthetic is great :3 i love being friends with you and i know youre going through some bullshit but im never really sure what to say, if theres anything i can do let me know!


oooh man you are SO wonderful, you are such a sweetheart its amazing

like u just radiate Good Energy

pretty much whenever i see bears/related cute animals or silly jokes/puns i think “(yr name) WOULD LOVE THIS”

would love 2 interact more but im shy :x

one thousand and threety three

we were introduced via now-unfortunate circumstances and that really fuckin sucks but youre a cool fun guy and youre *extremely* cute tbh


i used to think you were pretty cold and you didnt like me that much or something BUT ive learned thats just your sense of humor etc, youre kind and funny and i love seein ya on my dashboard/timeline

youre a real good friend and i know youre going through a lot of Shit and it makes me sad that i cant help more, but i know youll make it through and be successful! ur a winner


you are so awesome!!! we have a LOT in common i think which is cool, i feel sort of Connected to you bc of that

youre v smart and admirable + funny and it always makes me smile when i see you liking my posts

youre super talented and i think youre gonna go big places someday tbh

id love to talk more if you want!


i also dont know you very well but you seem rad and are 10000% yiffy

furry solidarity


i dont know you v well but youve always been kind to me + you reblog funny stuff! youre cool and from what im seeing u arent feeling so great lately so big hugs and take care of yourself!


we only just recently started talking but tbh im really loving it!! youre a lot of fun to hang out with + have a good sense of humor and taste in media + are v handsome c:


you are very sweet and your dedication to the things you like is neat ‘w’


wow ok so youve helped me through SOOO fucking much over the years and i cannot thank you enough for that, i really admire you in general, your writing is fantastic and just the way youre able to articulate yourself and general stuff like the way you carry yourself and your sense of humor

i honestly look up to you and hope to be like you someday, you rule

uhhh id really love it if we talked more but as with most people i admire whenever we talk i just feel like im bothering you agh


you are so nice and handsome (like srsly u look like a model) and i REALLY admire your high self-esteem!!